who we are

Hi, I'm LOF. I am a brand created by professionals obsessed with making your hair even more beautiful. Long, short, brown, blonde, straight and wavy: for me, the ideal hair is the one that makes you feel good. My DNA contains much more than high-performance ingredients like the purest hydrolyzed keratin, state-of-the-art amino acids, and exclusive high-absorption oils. My DNA contains the essence of making you happy with your hair.

Contemporary, sophisticated and simple at the same time, focused on offering very high performance products. A brand with purpose, which respects the environment, embraces social causes; and is also concerned with valuing suppliers and partners. And so, a new brand with 40 years of experience is born.


To be the most relevant Brazilian professional cosmetics company for the environment and society, building with hairdressers, solid and reliable alliances between product quality and individual talent.


We stand for truth, transparency, empathy, a sense of belonging and sustainability. We believe in doing good, being inclusive, using local ingredients, teaching and demystifying.

Woman smiling


We were born to encourage self-love, because, people who love themselves, help make the world a better place. We exist so that anyone can care for their hair with high quality products. We believe that caring, with the body, with others, with the planet and with the hair makes everything more beautiful and healthy.


Sophistically simple. Our mantra guides our decisions and actions, whether in the development of new products, their names, advertising pieces or strategic decisions. More than a phrase, it represents our essence and our guiding principle in everything we do, think and decide.